About Gun Stoppers

Launched in Feb. 2017, Gun Stoppers is a partnership between the Greensboro Police Department and the Greensboro/Guilford Crime Stoppers program. The goal is to reduce violent crime by encouraging people to report illegal weapons in our city.

Using resources and methods popularized by “Crime Stoppers, people can submit anonymous tips about firearms possessed by felons, stolen guns, firearms used in crimes, and guns deemed illegal under North Carolina law.

Gun Stoppers pays a minimum of a $250 cash reward to anyone who notifies the tip line of an illegal weapon, and that tip leads to an arrest and/or confiscation of an illegal gun by the Greensboro Police Department or Guilford County Sheriffs Office.  Simply report the Gun Stoppers tip to Crime Stoppers by calling 336-373-1000 or click Submit A Tip!


Gun Stoppers Stats to Date: (Inception: February 2017)

Gun Stoppers Stats to Date: (Inception: February 2017)

575 = Number of Tips Received

291 = Number of Firearms Recovered

185 = Number of Cases Solved

214 = Number of People Arrested       

680 = Number of Felony Charges

$1,417,428.00 = Amount of Cash Seized

$3,179,932.00 = Value of Drugs Seized

$293,337.00 = Value of Property Recovered


Stats Updated: 3/12/2024




To qualify as an illegal weapon, the firearm must either be possessed illegally and/or illegally modified. A weapon is possessed illegally if it is in the control of a person who cannot lawfully have a firearm.

      Including (but are not limited to):

· Felons

· Persons prohibited from possessing by a court as part of a domestic violence protective order

· Fugitives from justice

· Illegal aliens

· Parolees

· Persons dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces


Illegal firearms include:

· Sawed-off rifles or shotguns

· Automatic weapons

· Machine guns

· Those with illegal silencers

· Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons

· Any firearm that has been  illegally altered from its original manufactured state

· Stolen weapons