Facts pertaining to unsolved crimes are published via radio, newspaper, television and social media outlets.  Citizens are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000 with any information or submit a tip online through this website (Submit a Tip) regarding unsolved crimes or criminal activity they are aware of. Any tip to Crime Stoppers is completely anonymous!

Each informant is given a code number so that confidentiality and anonymity are ensured.  Rewards of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest or recovery of stolen goods/drugs/illegal firearms provide incentive to the tipster.


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Call Us


· Call 336-373-1000

· After providing tip  information, the receiving Crime Stoppers employee will give you a unique code  number.

· The tipster can follow up on the information they provided by calling 336-373-1000.

· The tipster’s cell phone or land line number will not be displayed or be traced.


 · Visit:

· Check out our Facebook or Twitter page and other posted alerts about recent criminal activity.

· Send in a tip online by clicking  Submit A Tip

· After filling out the online form, tipsters automatically  receive a computer generated code number.

· Tipsters can follow up on the information they provided by calling 336-373-1000 or by coming back to the website and providing their unique code number and password.


Mobile App

· Free Mobile App!

· Crime Stoppers is no longer taking tips via text. Instead Crime Stoppers now uses the most up to date,  encrypted mobile reporting system available – P3 Tips.

· Tipsters can send criminal information and engage in anonymous, two-way dialog with Crime Stoppers from their smartphone or tablet using our P3 Tips mobile application.

· P3 Mobile tips are completely secure and anonymous. Tipsters can also anonymously upload photos, screenshots, videos and audio files with their tips.

· P3 Tips is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

· Only tips submitted directly and anonymously to Crime Stoppers are eligible for cash rewards.  



· If the tip provided proves valuable to solving a case and an arrest is made or stolen property/drugs/illegal firearms are recovered, the case is presented to the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors and a reward amount is determined.  We pay UP to $5,000 for valid tips!  Crime Stoppers employees then issue the  tipster a second set of code numbers in order to receive payment.  The tipster is then instructed on how to receive their reward at a local bank on a specific date every month.