"Cold Case" is defined as a criminal investigation of a serious nature where all leads have been exhausted and the case remains unsolved.

1980 to 1989

The Greensboro Police Department  is committed to seeking justice for victims of homicide and their families. Homicide forever affects the lives of the people who knew and loved the victim. Unsolved cases -- cold cases -- can be extremely difficult for family, friends and the community.

To bring some small degree of peace to the families, and to hold offenders accountable for their acts, Greensboro police never close an unsolved homicide case.

Frequently, these cases are solved because someone had the courage to come forward and provide a vital piece of evidence that was previously unknown to authorities. That one piece of information could be the missing piece needed to bring justice and closure to a grieving family.

If you know something about any cold case, contact Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000 or Submit a Tip to leave an online tip.