History of the Greensboro/Guilford Crime Stoppers Program

  • The concept for a reward based tip system originated with the Greensboro Jaycees after member Carter Pate observed a public service message while in Atlanta, Ga.
  • The Program debuted as Crime Alert with a collaborative effort of WFMY-TV and UNCG’s Drama Department, with the Jaycees providing the initial funding.
  • The first Crime Alert was seen on WFMY-TV and was a 90 second spot dramatizing the slayings of Tommy Dale Ausley (18) and Freddie Eli Pacheco (19).  Their bodies were found on October 19, 1979 in the rear of a sub-compact car parked on Causey Street, which belonged to Mr. Ausley’s mother.  Ausley was shot once and Pacheco twice.  The 90 second dramatization of the crime was aired six times on January 22, 1980 and January 23, 1980.  It was shown again on January 24, 1980 on the Lee Kinard Show on WFMY-TV.  On January 25, 1980 the police department informed Carter Pate that they had received a call from an informant that provided names of possible suspects.  The names that were provided matched fingerprints which had turned up during the investigation.  As a result, the police arrested Jimmy Frazier Eanes (19) and Keith Allen Way (19).  Four additional warrants were issued on this case.
  • By July of 1980, the Greensboro Police Department was interested in replicating the Crime Stoppers program that was started in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Chief Swing, Colonel Walter “Sticky” Burch (who at age 102 is still a board member) and Captain Thomas worked with Detective Dean Harris to gather information on creating a similar program in our community.  Det. Harris findings were well received when presented them in November.
  • The main concept of the new program was to overcome the community’s reluctance to work directly with law enforcement.  Offering anonymity and a reward for information, Crime Stoppers is a private non-profit that utilizes communication to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.
  • Working with the Greensboro Jaycees, Guilford Merchants Association and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, the Police Department formulated a plan to begin a Crime Stoppers program in Greensboro.
  • In December 1980, Chamber of Commerce Treasurer Bob Moore appointed Mr. Jack Zimmerman as the Chairman and Mr. Dough Cross of First Union National Bank, also a Jaycee member, as the Vice-Chairman.  Greensboro Jaycee VP Dave Maraghy announced the merger of the Jaycee’s Crime Alert into Greensboro/Guilford County Crime Stoppers Program.
  • On January 21, 1981, Greensboro/Guilford County Crime Stoppers Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization.


Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association:

2006-2009 Productivity Award

2011 Media Award of Year – Fairway Outdoor Advertising, for digital displays of Mondays Most Wanted

2011 Productivity Award, Population 300,000-400,000

2012 Most Creative Advertising, Placement of new Logo on CSI Vehicles

2012 Citizen of the Year, Harold Moag, Board Member

2012 Productivity Award, Population 300,000- 400,000

2013 Media of the Year Award – Clear Channel, Media & Entertainment, Advertising fundraisers as well as awareness of program

2013 Productivity Award, Population 300,000-400,000

2014 Coordinator of the Year – Rebecca Fallon

2014 Productivity Award, Population 300,000- 400,000

2015 Most Innovative Fundraising, Golf with a Twist – shooting golf balls from an AR15

2018 Productivity Award, Population 400,000 – 500,000

2017 Most Innovative Fundraising, “Come Cruise With Us”

2019 Productivity Award, Population 400,000-500,000

2020 Productivity Award, Population 400,000-500,000

2020 Most Innovative Fundraising, Virtual Reverse Raffle and Online Auction

2020 Media of the Year Award, Greensboro Television Network

North Carolina Crime Stoppers Association:
  • 2010 Best Promotional Idea
  • 2011 Best Promotional Idea
  • Digital Advertising
  • 2011 Board Member of the Year
    • Harold Moag
  • 2012 Best Promotional Idea
  • 2014 Productivity Award
  • 2014 Board Member of the Year
    • Rebecca Bilello
  • 2015 Best Promotional Idea
    • Live Game Show
  • 2015 Productivity Award
  • 2017 Program of the Year
  • 2017 Board Member of the Year
    • Donna Maness
  • 2017 Productivity Award
  • 2018 Board Program of the Year
  • 2019 Board Member of the Year
    • Rebecca Bilello
  • 2019 Productivity Award
  • US Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • 2009 Directors Community Leadership Award
  • 2019 Chief's Award for Gun Stoppers - Greensboro Police Department